1.2. Requeriments

Please read this note if you have a Windows-based system, (Section 1.2.1)

This program has been written in Python programming language and uses the ABC music notation system as intermediate format. Thus, the system requirements are:

1.2.1. Note for Windows users

If you use Windows, you have two options. First, downloading a "self-contained" version. In this one, you don't need to check out the requirements described above. This version includes everything you need. You don't need Python or abc2midi. Just execute the installer and run the program as a regular Windows program (pymprovisator.exe). This is the recommended version.

If you want to hack the code or Python is installed in your system, you can download the source code version. In this case, you have to check the requirements described above. All the explanations given in this section are valid, except the paths: in UNIX-like systems, the path should be specified in the form /the/path/to/my/file; in Windows, it should be C:\the\path\to\my\file. Be careful with this if you need edit your configuration file. (See Chapter 3).