1.3. Installing the program

If your use Windows, you can download the "self-contained" version (a file called pymprovisator-xx-win32.zip) or the source code version. The installation of the "self-contained" version is very easy: just unzip the downloaded file and run the installation program. The installation program will add icons to your "Programs" menu, like any other Windows application.

If you want to use the source code version, download the file named pymprovisator-xx-src.zip and keep on reading this manual.

If you use other operating systems, you'll have to download pymprovisator-xx-src.zip or pymprovisator-xx-src.tgz file and decompress it.

Once decompressed, your directory structure will be as follows:






The main directory is pymprovisator. This directory includes the file pymprovisator.py, which is the main executable file. There is also another file, pymprovisator.pyw, which launches the graphical user interface, without passing any options in the command line.

This manual is en the doc directory. In examples directory you'll find some example songs and a sample configuration file that you can copy to your HOME directory and rename to .pymprovisator.conf. See Chapter 3.

The exes directory contains the abc2midi program, compiled for several operating systems. Finally, the i18n and modules directories contains the program code.


Don't touch the files in i18n and modules if you are not sure of what you are doing.